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Do you know your colleagues well enough? What motivates them? How do they work under pressure and in unexpected situations? Do you choose the best people for your open positions? How could you make your team’s work more effective?

In case your answer to any of the questions above is „I don’t know.”, then WE are the ones you are looking for!

As a reseller of the Thomas International group we provide personal assessments which empower business leaders to transform the performance of their teams and individuals – and deliver an immediate impact on their organisation. We help our clients to recruit, retain, develop and manage their people. We will give you insight into your staff – what motivates them, what their core strengths and limitations are and how high their potential is. Through this we are able to add a high level of certainty to all your people-related decisions.

Our service is unique because our assessments are easy to understand and quick to use as it only takes less than 10 minutes to fill in the questionnaire, with rapid results. Our client service teams will train you, advise you and provide practical assistance. Their aim is to empower you to use people assessments to create maximum value for your organisation.

Our assessments have been at the forefront of assessment innovation for 30 years. We provide assessments in 56 languages and have a presence in over 60 countries. Our clients span every type of business of all sizes and complete over 1.5 million assessments every year.


For the Employer

The key to effective leadership in any business lies in understanding which person you should hire, who you should promote, what makes a top performer, what motivates them, what their core strengths and limitations are and the value they add to a team. What really makes a business special is the ability to benchmark the behaviors and abilities of successful employees and to manage all employees to achieve their maximum performance. These tests span the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and retaining staff to developing and managing performance. They will allow management to gain insight into, manage and develop employee behavior, aptitude, abilities, competencies and hard skills that will enable a business to rise above its competitors. Having access to a candidate’s profile analysis before a job offer is made is critical to the employer’s hiring process, as it allows the employer to make the best-informed hiring decision possible. The savings in time and expenses can be considerable.

For the Candidate

If the candidate purchases the psychometric test, s/he can better prepare for upcoming interviews with prospective employers. Candidates, especially those at the executive and management levels, will have valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses and will better understand their management and communication skills, including how they work under stress.&C.

For Recruiting Companies

Recruitment companies will NOT have to wait months to discover and analyze the recruited employee; rather, these companies will have instant access to the test results and analyses; therefore recruiters will have detailed knowledge of the people they recruit.

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