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Our services are FLEXIBLE, and are based on the understanding of customer needs. We are always happy to offer our best practices as HR consultants, provide our PROFESSIONAL ADVICE for best results. Among others, our services include a FULL RANGE OF SOURCING AND RECRUITMENT, and is structured to involve both sides at their best.


We start by MEETING THE CLIENT for a thorough examination of the opening. At this stage we MAKE SURE that a job description is clearly outlined, minimum and maximum requirements are stated, and the culture of the hiring organization is taken into consideration.


Thereafter we create relevant documentation and a plan, OUTLINING THE SEARCH STEPS. Our plan is based on two major factors:

  • our professional experience,
  • the particularities of the opening.

We use our INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE techniques to find the best candidates, using various contemporary methods.


We undertake the PRE-SCREENING RESPONSIBILITIES, including a PERSONAL INTERVIEW, thus getting to know the candidates better, and preparing the best of the best for a meeting at the company.

The strongest CANDIDATES thereafter ARE INTRODUCED to the hiring company by our representative.

At this point, upon a decision of our customer, the candidates are INVITED FOR AN INTERVIEW, where they will be EVALUATED, and the decision will take place.


The process can be changed and modified according to the customer requirements.

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